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Awards Program

The National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Awards Program recognizes those in our industry who achieve excellence. NAPA awards are meaningful for the winners because they are bestowed by peers, but publicity reaches far beyond the NAPA membership. Winners are highlighted in industry publications throughout the country and recognized for the quality work they are doing.


NAPA's Awards Program presents special opportunities for recognizing and encouraging excellence. The program continues to expand with new categories. Recipients are recognized for their contributions to a job well done.


Read more about the NAPA's Awards Program and the 2019 Sheldon G. Hayes, Ray Brown Airport Pavement, Larry H. Lemon, and Quality in Construction Award winners by navigating with the left-side menu bar. The information includes write-ups on each winning project, photos from the Awards Breakfast (available for download), a slideshow of the winning pavements, and information about the history of the program.


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Quality in Construction Awards and Operational Excellence Awards


The Quality in Construction Awards is open to all asphalt producers, paving contractors, and road owners in the United States until the October 15, 2020 deadline. Contractors can apply from October 16 through October 31 with a $50 late fee.


The Operational Excellence Awards — Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation and Community Involvement Awards are open to NAPA members through October 15, 2020.


NAPA is updating the software for submitting Awards applications. Because of this update, NAPA will begin accepting applications for both Quality in Construction Awards and Operational Excellence Awards on August 1, 2020. Stay tuned for information on training on the new software. Click here to log in as a NAPA member and start or resume an application. Click here to view PDFs of sample nomination forms and details on required documentation.


Potential Members and DOTs/Road Owners

Applicants who are not NAPA members must contact the Director of Awards & Marketing at the NAPA office to obtain login credentials. Look here for information on the benefits of NAPA membership.



 Operational Excellence Awards Changes


  • The Environmental Leadership Award (previously named Ecological Award) winners and finalists will now be drawn from the Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation recipients. The top-scoring Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation applicants will be invited to continue in the selection process for the Environmental Leadership Award. These top-scoring facilities will be required to fill out a supplemental questionnaire, submit additional photos, and complete a third-party endorsement. 
  • All Operational Excellence Awards will continue to be recognized at the Annual Meeting. 


Quality in Construction Awards Changes 


  • Applicants are encouraged to submit the following photos on the QIC applications, if they are available: photos of all phases of construction (grading, milling, paving, striping); photos of any technical or safety innovations; completed project photos from different anges; photo of the paving crew.